Why does everyone leave?


“Just like everyone else, he left too, whereas I thought my friend would stick to me till the end of time.” 


So let’s come to the big question, why do people leave, or more importantly, why does everyone leave? Why are you not the one who’s leaving? Is there some kind of sorcery that pushes people you love away from you? You believe that there’s no secret force doing all of that, so you start believing in the cycle of disappointment repeatedly. 



I believe I don’t have to explain the whole scenario. Do you know the worst possible effects when someone leaves? You carry low self esteem, blame yourself for how it didn’t work out. You think that every good thing that ever happened to you is silently watched by dark shadows that might cover up at any time. Some people leave because they move on with their lives for a better life, for example, they move abroad, or shift to a new city for a new job, and so on. Some people leave, because they wanted to leave. They weren’t bound to stay; they had a choice to stay, and they chose to leave. 


Here is a list of reasons why people leave on purpose:


  1. You’re no longer making a difference in their lives
  2. The reason that brought you together doesn’t exist anymore
  3. They’ve found someone else they think can satisfy their purpose
  4. They have been able to outgrow the common interest you both shared
  5. They just want to be alone
  6. They want to disappear


Not always, leaving has to be because of you. Even the chocolate bar you love ends up melting in your mouth. Just take a walk in the living room of your house once everyone is asleep, and you’ll get the feeling, that we are all alone in this world, which is true. You might beg them to stay, which is a human thing to do. However, always be grateful for the lessons and love they brought into your life. You can either be happy and cherish the memories, or disappoint yourself because the memories didn’t last for long. 

But that doesn’t solve the harsh reality: everyone leaves.

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