Who we are

Torun is a platform for the youth. We believe in educating, entertaining, and empowering the youth of Bangladesh and above with our content & programs. With Millennials and Gen Z individuals being a huge part of our population, we work to instill values in their lives through our operations. In a world where there are so many problems which can be improved if not solved totally, through cooperation and actions by the youth audience. Thus, we want to construct ourselves as the platform where the youth can be a part of the conversation.


With youth unemployment, crime, mental health and a lot of other issues having an overall gloomy impact on the world, the youth definitely needs to collaborate to be a part of the conversation where they can solve problems. Obviously an employer would prefer hiring a young person with creative and moral values over someone who has just fancy grades. Of course, the citizens would prefer leaders who cater to fixing real problem that would invite unity. Likewise, any youth individual would prefer spending valuable time on a platform where they can be entertained, educated and empowered. Our tagline being – ‘Impact – for the youth, by the youth’, we are promising to deliver values to change the world by the youth.


A common question that arises is how we are subsisting. The attention span of youth is constantly falling, as they are having more options with new technology and advancement over time. For this, brands are not being able to communicate with the young audience, thus lacking behind in sustainable possibilities. Therefore, we are operating as the gateway for brands as we are inviting them to come to our platform to create impact for the youth and by the youth, together through our content and programs.