Ways to Unlock your Creativity

Syeda Nabiha Tahsin Chowdhury

On the 6th and 7th of November, Midas Finance Ltd. presents Campus Club Summit In Association with The Daily Star was organized by Excellence Bangladesh. On the first day – 6th of November, about an hour-long session on the Program- “Ways to unlock your creativity” was held.

The esteemed keynote speaker, Syed Gousul Alam Shaon spoke regarding the importance of tapping onto one’s creativity during this session.

Throughout the years, everyone has settled into a very monotonous pattern of lifestyle. Academic and societal pressures force everyone down a similar path of life, “get an education,” “get a well-paid job,” and then retire. Somewhere along the way of being pushed into things, we tend to give up and abandon our dreams, our hobbies, and also our true, creative side. One of the main aims of the discussion was to make everyone realize the true essence of one’s creativity. The key speaker enlightened us on how, between the ages of 0-12 every little aspect from our surroundings, helps shape our young minds. Our behavior, fears, beliefs, and mentality, in general, derive from our past. These all influence the choices we make in the future and in most cases, youngsters tend to abandon the aspirations they had as kids due to certain pressures thrust upon them. Everything that differentiates one person from another is seen as a liability, however, this cycle needs to be broken. Getting back in touch with the creative side of one’s life is very crucial for this generation, especially if we want to survive in this world full of endless competition. Very often the question “What else do you do?” is asked to individuals. This single-handedly highlights the importance of extracurricular/co-curricular activities; it allows one to create an identity of their own. Our creative side is what helps us create individuality, it helps one prove why they are more capable or why they are worthy. Young minds need to connect back with their younger selves in order to escape being trapped within a fixed point of view. The keynote speaker talks about the importance of making an effort to set some time aside and do what you love to do, do what brings you peace. It’s very essential for everyone to figure out what they excel at, and what they themselves seek, in order to attain happiness and avoid getting drifted into an unwanted path. 

The speaker emphasizes how creativity does not refer to being a painter, sculptor, or poet. It simply refers to what sets you aside, what makes you different compared to others. It is much easier to follow along a path someone has walked through, but this world requires more than that. The willingness to seek answers for things that intrigues oneself is the key aspect of a creative mind, this habit helps them pursue greater things in the future, and makes them capable enough to build something which represents their core.

“What if we have various different interests?” There is no set extent to a person’s creative abilities. The more the merrier; no one is entitled to only one specific goal or activity, however, at times it may be necessary to prioritize some more than the others, in order to avoid complete chaos.

One’s creativity is a direct reflection of their true self, it comes in handy when problem-solving and helps the mind grow out from the shackles it puts on itself. A lot of factors may create barriers among people, however, no one’s creative side is inferior/superior to another person’s. Creativity can unify people irrespective of their race, gender, caste, etc. It could also be a good way of representing their culture in whichever way they desire. Education is always going to be essential, but at times people need to reconnect with themselves to avoid turning into robots who are just meant to serve.

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