Ways to propose on Valentine’s Day

The most awaited event to celebrate love is closing in and there are thousands of hopeless lovers trying to find a way to express their selfless love. Even though we are celebrating singlehood but at the end of the day we all want to hold someone and label them as ours. So following are the ways you can ask someone out this Valentine.


  1. Girls love trendy things. And having a Netflix account is one of the trendiest things right now with the increase of its price. So you can gift her an account with the password being “willubemyvalentine?” This will also prove that you are a man with money.
  2. If you are good at dancing and acting you can definitely make a romantic tiktok video and impress her. While uploading the video don’t forget to tag 69 others.
  3. You can open a fake facebook account and name it “Will you be my one and only?” with a rose as profile picture and send her a friend request.
  4. Each and every girl seeks attention in one way or other. And Instagram is the best place to give her that. So you can buy her 10k followers and express your love.
  5. You can rent an aeroplane and write her name up the sky. (Do this only if she’s rich)
  6. You can show your skill by producing an EDM for her. (Like Manik bhai-er Salam nin)
  7. Last but not the least, you can actually man up, buy an actual flower, kneel down and propose to her with a mentality to get rejected. Cause it’s okay to express love. We are not responsible for who we will get attracted to.


N.B: I will not be responsible if any of the above backfires. Wishing you all a very busy Valentine.




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