Torunites 4.0

What is Torunites?

Torunites is an experience program for undergraduate students to make them work through real-life scenarios, to give them an experience of the creative and professional world.

It is the flagship program of Torun where we provide internship opportunities to enthusiastic individuals, and let them be a part of our team, and contribute to their preferred division of expertise.

At the same time, the interns, who we refer to as, Torunites, get the chance to improve on their skills, making this a wonderful learning experience altogether.

This time, the program will be held virtually!

Who are we looking for?

To function without disruption, every organization needs a fully competent team. 

At Torun, we value our members not just because of their talent, but also for their commitment. 

You can join us as a-

Writer, to raise your voice among the youth, for the youth

Designer, to portray your creative side through visuals 

Operation Coordinator, who will generate new ideas and implement them in a prolific way.

Eligibility Criteria:


We don’t discriminate!

Any undergraduate student can apply for the internship program. 

We encourage you to take this opportunity, regardless of whichever university you are from. 

The internship program will run for 6 months. 

Why should you apply?

  1. Most importantly, we create opportunities for the interns to work on various platforms.
  1. A Certificate of Achievement will be provided upon the completion of the internship program.
  1. Opportunities to work for Torun upon the completion of the program if satisfactory performance is shown.
  1. Skill Development Programs conducted by industry experts throughout the journey to sharpen skill-set.
  1. A friendly and helpful environment to learn from.
  1. Frequent treats and fun segments are arranged!

Application Process

Click on the position you want to apply for. 

You will be redirected to a form, where you have to fill up the necessary details.

The shortlisted candidates will be chosen for an online interview.

We have enough space for every enthusiastic youth individual out there, so don’t worry about limits!

All the best!

Deadline for application: 19th of January, 2021.

For more queries, you can send emails to 

[email protected] 

Or, inbox our Facebook page.