Top Five Watch Rules that should be followed by every Gentleman

Abdullah Al Mahin 

Today, we are going to talk about how you have been wearing your watches in the wrong manner. Believe me or not, there are a couple of watch rules that every gentleman needs to follow to make sure that they are executing a watch properly; that the watch is enhancing their outfit and making them look better. Today, we are going to go over the top five watch rules any gentleman should be following in their daily life. 

1. Your watch goes on your left hand or your right hand? On what wrist should you wear your watch? The answer is that it depends; it is really on the wrist that suits you better. So, it all depends on what you are – if you are left-handed and you do all your stuff, e.g. writing, with your left hand, you should wear your watch on your right hand; on the other hand, if you are right-handed and you do all your stuff, e.g. writing, with your right hand, traditionally, you should wear your watch in your left hand. This is mainly so that your watches become conspicuous during simple daily tasks. 

2. You have to wear the right watch for the right occasion. Think of watches like shoes, there isn’t a single style that fits in all scenarios, e.g. you wouldn’t wear a pair of white sneakers to a gala dinner or wear a pair of leather slippers to a gym session. In the same manner, you aren’t going to wear a cheap sports watch with an expensive suit and trousers, or an expensive luxurious watch with a basketball shirt and shorts. You see, as I mentioned in the beginning, a watch should enhance your entire outfit because it is an essential accessory, so it shouldn’t create a distraction or take away from your outfit. 

3. Where are you going to position your wrist-watch? Your watch should go before your wrist bone, not on it, and not after it. This is so that you can get a full range of motion on your wrist like if you wear a watch, you don’t want it to be obtrusive, and truth be told, there isn’t any other way to wear your watches. A few gentlemen had done it before where they wore their watches on their wrist bones or past their wrist bones, and it became painful for them by the end of the day as it reduces the natural mobility of their wrists. So, if you wear your watch on your wrist bone or past your wrist bone, anytime your wrist goes back, even slightly, it’s going to cause pain in your wrist. 

4. Your watch needs to fit you properly – if you want the watch to sit before your wrist bone, your watch needs to be fitted for your wrist. Don’t wear a watch that is loose and looks like it’s about to fall out of your wrist; all that’s going to do is make you look like a noob that you just bought a watch and didn’t know you have to get it properly fitted to your wrist. This is why a few fashion enthusiasts suggest leather band watches especially if you’re a beginner because it allows you to instantly adjust the watch to your wrist so it could fit properly. If you do have a metal link bracelet, you are going to want to visit some sort of watchmaker where they are going to size it for your wrist. When it comes to sizing, you don’t want it to be so tight that it’s cutting your blood circulation to just keep it in place, nor you want it to be loose where it keeps moving around all the time. A perfect comfort level is usually when you can fit just one finger, e.g. your index finger, in between your watch and your wrist. 

5. Finally, the last rule every gentleman should follow is the size of your wrist-watch – this kind of tag along with fit. Just like clothing, you want your watch to fit your right – to suit your body shape. A couple of years ago there was a horrible trend of oversized watches which by the way is no longer relevant because not only those watches just grabbed too much attention; if you had a small wrist, having those massive watches would also make your wrist look even smaller because it would so overpower to make your arms look like twigs. That’s not what you want. On average, for an average gentleman, your watch should be anywhere from 35 to 42 millimeters. This is usually the perfect range you want to be in because anything smaller, that’s more women territory, so the watch is going to be too small for your wrist and anything bigger like I mentioned is going to overpower your wrists. 

So, those were the top five watch rules that should be followed by every gentleman in today’s world to look eye-catching and out of the ordinary. 

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