The Ultimate Premier League Quiz

Touseef Hasan

#1 Who won the inaugural Premier League title in the 1992/93 season?

#2 Who scored the fastest goal scored in Premier League history? (Hint: It happened in 7.69 seconds!)

#3 Who has the highest number Premier League appearances of all time?

#4 Blackburn Rovers, an astonishing entry in the Premier League winning team-list, won the title in the 1994/95 season. Who was their manager?

#5 Who finished 4th in the 2011/12 season but still missed out on a Champions League spot as Chelsea qualified by winning the Champions League itself?

#6 Arsene Wenger, the longest serving manager in the PL, retired in 2018. Which team did he play against in the last game of his managerial tenure?

#7 Who was the first African to win the PFA Players’ Player of the Year?

#8 Only three players have scored a goal, scored an own goal and assisted in the same Premier League game. But one of them has also received a yellow card in that match. Can you name him?

#9 One of the best ever players to grace the Premier League, a two-time Premier League winner, Cesc Fabregas started off his career at Arsenal with which shirt number?

#10 One of the most iconic moments of the Premier League – Eric Cantona being sent off for his kung-fu kick on one of the away fans, during his glorious tenure at Manchester United; which club was he sent off against?



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