The Story of Sweetstops – Mushfiqur Rahman

Life doesn’t always happen the way we plan it to be. This is something I never used to believe, thinking life pans out exactly the way we hope it to be. But indeed we forget His plans are always better than ours. One year back, life was all so good, being in a relationship, full of romantic vibes and most importantly thinking life happens the way we plan it to be. But then life came crashing down! And the next six months of my life wasn’t exactly what I planned it to be. Had the worst break up of my life, felt like giving up on my life numeral times but the only thing that stopped me from doing so was probably my mum’s face. When you end up giving almost your everything to a person and when they fail to value it, it’s probably one of the most painful things you can ever feel. 6 months of constant depression and a lot of harmful activities followed but one thing that always sparked inside me was the dream of me being an entrepreneur. I felt like I owed my parents back something. I will be honest, I probably never did anything to make my parents proud and all that I could give them were tears of disappointment.


Depressed, willing to give up on life, one fine day while coming back home from my tutoring, I was lost around a Agora outlet in front of my house, and this is where the idea of Sweetstops came in my mind. Backed by a very close friend of mine and as well as a partner, Asif, who was there for me throughout my depression period, helped me start the journey I will forever remember in my life and that was how Sweetstops was born.


It wasn’t all fairy tale and what not to being with. Like every start-up, there were friends who mocked and laughed at me, they called us a printing shop, they called us a ‘mishtir dokan’ and what not to demotivate us. But it’s all part of the struggles you go through. To add to that, there was not a single order placed in the first 1 month of our working month. It was hard and even more depressing. I still remember the first day we had our first order. It felt like we found gold at the end of a rainbow just like those fairy tales used to portray. Earning your first profit is one of the most beautiful feelings you can ever feel in your life, trust me on that. Orders flowed by, the work started to build up, but it felt like it was all worth it. And more importantly, it used to keep me busy and away from all the negative thoughts and depression my ex left me behind. It was the only thing she left me with. But like every business, there will always be ups and downs and when the downs came by, we were probably too immature to handle it.


One mistake we made was, we always used to compare our Level 1 with somebody else’s level 20! You can’t go on to expect to make millions just like Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates makes in your early days. You can’t achieve all these just by lying in your bed and dreaming about it. You need to realize that you need to disappear from your ordinary life to do the extraordinary. You need to realize that those late nights and early 5ams will one day pave the road to your dream. Today, Sweetstops has gone on to complete over 2500 orders, provides ingredients to some of the most renowned restaurants in the country. What started off with selling only a handful of food products now has over 1000+ products starting from foods of different brands from different countries, to electronic products from brands like Google, Apple, Xiaomi and others, to Cosmetics and perfumes for all people and with time we plan to extend even more and bring in more products for the mass here in Bangladesh.


One thing I have learnt from this journey of Sweetstops is that , when you get enough confidence in life, the stage will be gone, when you are so sure of losing, you will win, when you need people the most, they will leave you, when you have finally learnt to dry your tears, someone will offer you a shoulder to cry on, when you have mastered the skill of hating, someone will love you from the bottom of your heart. And while waiting for the sun to shine, you fell asleep and that is when the sun came out. This is Life. No matter what you plan, you will never know what life has planned for you. Success introduces you to the world but failure introduces the world to you. Always be happy and smile. Often when we lose hope and feel this is the end of life, relax, it’s just a bend of life and not the end. This is a short story of how my life, Sweetstops happened. It has been a very short journey, but I have learned how life is and how it should be played.

I am a proud CEO, and more importantly proud and content that I have made my parents proud and I have seen them cry, but only this time tears of happiness. This is my story and thank you for your time reading it.


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