The sin of surveilling in relationships

The foundation of every healthy relationship should be about planning to share lives with each other, not your social media account’s password with your partner. It’s invasive and unreasonable. Social media is and always will be an individual’s personal property and to forcefully insist on surveilling their personal space is no less than breaking and entering. But in case your partner is keeping a tab of your every single activity on social media and trying to justify it as being ‘protective’ then it’s time to have a talk.

You need to have your space!
It’s important for both partners to understand that being in a committed relationship does not mean you can’t have a life outside of it. Relationships are built on trust and honesty, and it’s a bilateral communication. You would think that your partner should trust you in a relationship beyond a reasonable doubt if you are honest and loyal. But if they still question your commitment and cast a shadow of doubt over your faithfulness for asking to have your own space, then there was never a relationship, to begin with. You see, you shouldn’t even be asking them, because it’s a choice only you get to make.

Stalking doesn’t help!
You may think that there is no harm that your partner occasionally spies on you on social media, but it doesn’t exactly show that they trust you either. It’s okay if it’s a one-off thing. But unfortunately, it usually doesn’t stop there. If your partner is making a habit out of stalking you on social media and your day-to-day interactions with other people, there is a high possibility that they aren’t doing it playfully. And if you find yourself on the receiving end of a bunch of unwanted questions afterward, it’s a wake-up call.

Don’t let them dictate terms!
There is a fine line between being protective and possessive. And more often than not, we confuse one with the other. Once your partner, who claims to be your biggest well-wisher, starts dictating terms of your social media activity, you need to step your foot down before it’s too late. Handing them reigns of your social media isn’t an act of loyalty. And if you can’t oppose this, then you might as well remove ‘My life, my rules!’ from your bio.

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