The Silver Linings to One Sided Love


To prove that I am not so fortunate, let me tell you that I grew up facing rejections. Maybe it was because of how my mom oiled my hair before sending me to school, or maybe it was because I used to wear my pair of school pants way above where we usually wear. It could also be because I was not aware of the good-never-ending relationship coming up for me. Anyway, I’m going to go back to the time I was single, and madly in love with that someone who I did not deserve to be with, or maybe it’s just the other way around. If you have read so far, either you’re in the dilemma of not knowing whether to confess to your crush, or you are already not so welcome to present your one sided love.

I watched Shah Rukh Khan getting rejected by Anushka Sharma only because he had a stupid haircut and a mustache on. Sorry, I will bring a lot of SRK references, you have to cope with it. One sided love does not mean that you are an utter loser. Do you realize, that you get to discover unconditional love? If you have not watched Mohabbatein, then you should. When you are involved in a one-sided love, you stop expecting from the other person because the thought that you are in love with someone else will be enough to make you spend sleepless nights out of excitement.

Because of one sided love, you learn to become emotionally robust. This means that nothing can hurt you as you don’t cry over little things that don’t matter. Including my previous point again, are you going to love because it makes you happy, or are you going to love with a condition, only to get loved back?

If you’re in a one sided love, that means you have to learn how to be patient. If he or she has rejected you once, and you’re still into him or her, this means that you do have patience inside you. Why not wait and keep it calm? Yes, keeping calm will help you in your work as well.

Of course, most people get closer to their friends when one sided love happens, sharing everything about your love. If you are extremely introverted or you do not have such good friends, try to get one. Sharing one sided love stories make you feel better, and at times makes you realize some problems why you are not together with the person you want to be with.

No one can ever break your trust. You have learnt how to deal with one sided love, and your expectations fall. Yes, that’s right; no one can play with your feelings.

Being lonely and being alone is not the same thing. If you’re alone, you’re enjoying your solitude, your freedom and that’s when you start discovering about yourself. You comprehend what you want from life, and where you want to go.

In one sided love, you have control over your life. You make your decisions, and you’re a free bird. You have to understand that I’m indirectly referring to ‘khaet’ possessive relationships where you have to face words like “Babu shona bhat khao nahole ami khabona” (Darling, have rice or I won’t either).

In one sided love, you learn to be with your loved one, and know that person as a friend. That’s a really beautiful feeling. Assuming that you have plans to ask your loved one out, what good would it be if you never become a good friend but attempt to being a life partner only?

I will end with another Shah Rukh Khan dialogue. Please don’t leave.

“The power of one sided love is really strong. No one has a right to be a part of it. Just you”.

If you have learnt to master the art of acknowledging the silver linings to one sided love, you’re ready to ask her out. Now, don’t even think of rejection; you know why.


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