The right to live?

I am going to save you all some time by repeating what a ‘forgivable’ deed was done by the golden sons of Bangladesh, who are said to be running to empower student politics. Leave the debate of studying at the ‘most prestigious’ institution, leave basic human rights to type something online with freedom, leave the argument of what ‘strict’ measures can be taken to avenge those ‘human beings’. Just stop for a moment and think, is it ever going to stop? 


Where are the so-called motivational speakers now? Where are the global influential bodies, who are constantly promising to set the seal on human rights in the name of ‘social organizations’? 


If you have been active on social media over the last few hours, you have seen the photo, where the father of Abrar Fahad, the one killed yesterday, is weeping like a helpless, demolished man. On the other hand, one of the killers is smiling like a triumphant citizen despite being arrested. Oh, and the authorities are saying, “IF they are at fault, they’ll be punished.” I bet, the citizens or at least the human beings want to know, what punishment will they face? A flirtatious slap with a pat on the back saying, “Don’t mess up again”? Or will the arrested animals be suspended from the prestigious student politics body, with a lot of love? 


Again, I will cut the crap of what has been happening with the ‘admirable act’ of bus drivers having the license to kill, illiterate sons having the right to rape, and student body members, having the right to decide on who’s going to live. I won’t be surprised if I wake up and see some terrorists claiming themselves to be a part of a student politics body outside my house, with weapons. 


Why are we even expecting that things will get better? After a week, the protests will be over. After a month, the emotions will say goodbye. After a year, it’ll just be ‘on this day’ on Facebook. And meanwhile, a lot of ‘remembering’ will be added before names on Facebook, because there’s no end to this. 


I am pretty sure that if you have read so far, you have a lot more to include, and the ranting essay won’t ever end. I am also pretty sure that in your friend lists, in your circles, or wherever, you have at least one animal living the life without any fear at all. You might not have the guts to protest out loud, but you SHOULD have the guts to educate them on what it means to be a human being. Have lives become so cheap that they can be taken with the snap of the fingers so easily, at the cost of national headlines and a thousand social media shares? Have lives become so cheap that citizens have their lips sealed because of a student political body that’s ‘protecting’ the nation? Have lives become so cheap, that it’s just a piece of bad news to us? 


Educate. Educate one person if you can. Educate more, if you may. Don’t educate to give them valueless degrees with which graduates of the most prestigious institutions aren’t getting jobs. Educate them to be a human being, which schools don’t teach, colleges don’t make us learn, and universities don’t make us act upon. 


The best option we have right now is faith. This weapon can further be converted to growing the guts to act when you have the power. This weapon will keep your beliefs of Beautiful Bangladesh changing alive. This weapon can help you if Facebook statuses can’t. 


Now I am going to pretend that I’m living a normal life and that I have no threats around me. Or maybe I am going to cry every night, because my father could be in that photo collage, crying to lose his son, whereas another ‘forgivable’ student politics body member will party. 


In case a ‘respected’ student politics body member is reading this, here’s the link to Google Translate, because you probably might not get any of the messages above:


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