The Pressure of Being Productive During Lockdown

Zaima Tasneem

Over the last couple of months, many of us have tried a lot of new things either out of sheer curiosity or just because of boredom. While being engaged in creative endeavors has been relaxing for a lot of us, some of us have also been feeling pressured to be productive during the lockdown. For the abundance of free time, we are expected to put it all to good use and get as much done as possible. That also entails us being productive all the time.

With the increasing number of inspirational talks about doing something more worthwhile thrown at us left and right, we are left to question our self-worth. The thoughts of not doing enough often arise within us upon seeing the creative works of others during the pandemic. Our brains are already harboring enough stress for being separated from our loved ones and for the uncertainty of the situation prevailing. With the lack of social interaction and being cocooned in the same environment for such a long time, it can be hard to be motivated and be focused all the time. The added stress of trying to be productive is making us guilt-tripped for not over-achieving and making every single moment count. 

Instead of adding new things for our mental health to topple over, this downtime should be used for healing ourselves. This is not the only time you’ll get for ticking your bucket list off, for which you should be choosing to do the things you’re truly passionate about. Self-growth is a continuous process; so, your daily routine doesn’t necessarily have to include all the creative endeavors you could possibly fit in. You can take steps, one at a time, to reconnect with the things that make you happy. Seeking out for things that you’re comfortable and satisfied with will keep your mental health in check. Try to do your share of the duty and help those in need whilst in such crucial moments.

The pandemic has left us distraught and restless. Hence, it is important to remember that it is okay to not be productive at all moments during the quarantine. Although, just because you don’t always have to be on a quest to be productive, doesn’t mean you should be totally slacking off either. Instead, rethink your approach to prioritizing tasks and yet enjoy yourself. The pressure will only hold you back from achieving the things you actually want to achieve. So, do things at your own pace and brush off the unsolicited stress. And, without dwelling on what others think, you be yourself.

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