The Pitchers

Most student nowadays doesn’t only see the dream of working in a great company, rather the entrepreneurial spirit inspires to start something of themselves. Many of them have great ideas, some even have strategies and skills to back them up, but lack of platform or funding leads them towards giving up.  

Keeping that in mind, East West University Investment and Finance Club are coming with a groundbreaking stage to take your Business pitch from ground level to the top floor of success – “An Intra University Pitch Deck Based Training And Competition”, with a focus on giving students the necessary resources, training, and skill to develop Pitches for their own unique business plan to showcase to the world. The Start-up ecosystem in Bangladesh is still in its early stage, but the talent pool in our country is enormous and full of passion. What they lack is the sufficient knowledge, skill, and strategy to build their deck of cards to present to the variety of investors that are available right now.

“An Intra University Pitch Deck Based Training And Competition” will help students in honing these skills and attributes to build up their Pitch-decks and turn their business ideas into reality. The competition will include 3 workshops and 2 rounds of intense battle amongst the participants for a minuscule registration fee. The main takeaway for the students will be the workshops that will help them in enhancing their knowledge about the Start-up world, how to build up their pitch-decks and create a strategy to woo real-life investors and procure funding. Our main mission for launching this event is to let the students get real-life knowledge about the start-up world and build themselves to be entrepreneurs who will contribute towards taking our country to an even greater height.

We urge the students of East-West University in participating in this momentous occasion with us, showcase their latent entrepreneurial abilities, get filled up with knowledge and training about the world of start-ups, and pitch their ideas to real-life investors. The registration is already live! Don’t just wait, grab the opportunity while it lasts.

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