The Pitchers: An initiative for the undergraduate students by EWUIFC

The young generation nowadays doesn’t only see the dream of working in a well-known multinational company or other sectors, rather the entrepreneurial spirit inspires them to start something new of themselves. The young enthusiastic generation has new ideas, some of them even have great strategies and skills to back them up, but because lack of platform or funding leads them towards giving up.

Keeping that in mind, “East West University Investment and Finance Club “projected a groundbreaking stage to take those enthusiastic Business ideas from ground level to the top floor level of success – “THE PITCHERS: AN INTRA UNIVERSITY PITCH DECK BASED TRAINING AND COMPETITION”

The activities of the whole program aimed to give the students the entrepreneurial passion and the stage to showcase their business passion and harbor growth through the competition. Even the tagline was also very inspiring – “SHAPE YOURS IDEAS” East West University investment and finance club as this event always offered constructive learning opportunities and platform to express students’ ideas and enthusiasm to their members for preparing them from the very beginning in the antagonistic working world. The event was divided into five segments. Two workshops before the competition began, after 2 workshops the first round of competition was held, then a judgment session with another learning workshop, after that the final round was held and at last, came the last day of this event when the winners were announced.

East West University Investment and Finance club had the unique idea of not numerically categorizing the winning teams, rather awarding all the winning teams with the distinction of being “Best Pitchers”. It was a great initiative to showcase the talent without any divide within them.

The first workshop was held on 3rd April, 2021, and was about “Basic doubt the Pitch Deck and How to Pitch an IDEA through a Story “.  The respected speaker of the workshop was Md. Sohan Haidear, Managing Director, and CEO of Smartifier Training & Consultation. He explained all the major parts of the pitch deck plan and presentation. He touched upon all the specific parts like why do we pitch, what is the main purpose of pitching, how to present a pitch and engaging investors, how to communicate with others etc. Apart from this, he uttered about the importance of personal branding, what is smart career fixing, how to make the right use of time. Participants had a lot of clear thoughts about their future.

Then the 2nd workshop was held on 4th April,2021 and it was about “Detailed Financial Portion of Pitch Deck “. in this essential workshop, the respected speaker was Omar Maruf, Founder and CEO of Babywala Bangladesh LTD. In this workshop, students get to know about the most important part of a pitch deck presentation. He explained what is a financial statement, kinds of market size, traction, etc. By which the student got a clear view about the financial segment.

After the two-training session the 1st round, “Online Screening” of the competition held on 4-6th April period.

On 9th April, 2021, the 3rd workshop was held on. it was about “Sources of funding and the Secrets of the final presentation “.  We got Barisha Rabbe, the Manager of BYLC ventures as the respected speaker of this workshop. He explained many presentation pro-tips, slide presentations, and many other important parts for a pitch deck presentation. On this day we got our top 6 teams for the final round. For Round -1, the respected judges were Mr. Md. Adnan Hossain, Founder, and chairman of “It’s Humanity Foundation “, Mr.  Habibullah Tamim, Senior executive of BYLC ventures, and Mr. Mahabub Rabbani Aritro, Executive of BYLC ventures.

The long-awaited Grand Finale of “THE PITCHERS: AN INTRA UNIVERSITY PITCH DECK BASED TRAINING AND COMPETITION OF EWUIFC” was held on 11th April 2021. In this segment the 3 respected judges were Dilruba Hussain, HR Consultant JICA, Assigned to (BIDA), Prime Minister’s Office, Md Saimmum Hossain, Chief patron of Presentation Whizkids (PWK), Founder of Presentation Success Movement (PSM), and Zayan Fida Noor, Director of HR & Business Partnership, Jatri Services LTD. Finally, the glorious moment came. The 3 winning pitchers were announced. Team “JALALI KOBUTOR “, Team “STUNNERS” and Team “HUSTIN’ OWLS” are the champions of this hard-fought victory. They thanked the judges, the partners of the event, and the entire club.

Winner teams (Best 3 Pitchers) will receive divine prizes for their victory. Sundarban Lifestyle Tour and Eco Lodge (A Journey to Khulna and visit the Bonbibi and night stay at ECO Cottage), 2 Nights and 1-day tour – Sponsored by Tour Partner Avijatrik Tourism Ltd. Every team will receive a book of Md. Sohan Haidear which named “Smart Career”. Best 3 Pitchers Teams will get exciting gift hampers from Gift Partner StyGen. Crests and Best Pitchers Certificate will also include in the gift list.

From the beginning to the end, the program was insightful, informative, and enlightening. The workshop genuinely helped the participants in understanding the ins & outs of these skills more clearly. Obtaining this amount of knowledge from Industry insiders is a true blessing. Our attendants took full advantage of the Q/A session to gain even more insight into these skills and the future opportunities that await them

To bring innovations and advancements, we have to seek opportunities and think out of the ordinary, we will never know our limits unless we push ourselves to them.  East-West University Investment and Finance Club will continue its legacy with more remarkable competitions and learning opportunities for all the strenuous young generation.

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