The perks of falling in love with someone older


If you are Bangali, and a female, falling in love with someone older is pretty much acceptable in our ‘lovely’ society. The problem arises when you are a guy and things get complicated. No, it’s not because of you, or the lady. It’s because of our society.

There is a famous saying, “Age is just a number”. But it only works when many underage girls are forced to marry someone older because their family thinks that it would be a great decision.

It is completely normal for you to fall in love with a girl who’s much older than you are. Maybe you’re attracted to her because of her substantial experience which might drive you insane. It might be because her thoughts might seem more mature, and she looks at the world in a whole different way which makes her attractive.

If you have ‘bhabis’ added on your Facebook friendlist, go and post that you’re about to tie a knot with someone older than you are. Don’t be shocked if they start a conversation about this because it’s a taboo. If you have understanding parents, you are very fortunate because most guys get beat up by sandals the moment they announce that they’re attracted to someone older.

Are you noticing that we are eventually going back to the point that because of this taboo, you might have to marry an unknown person whose favorite color you don’t even know, but your family and the society expects you to be super romantic with that stranger?

So the society does not just want you to not marry someone older, the society, your relatives, your parents now expect you to choose the ‘best’ girl ever, who you don’t get to choose. Once you get married, you will realize them being more concerned about when you will have a kid, more than you are concerned.

If you have understanding parents, convince them that society should not matter if you’re in love with a lady older than you are. If you do not have understanding parents, you can either turn into an impertinent brat, or run away. Runaway? Did I just say that?

I said less. Let me again bring SRK references like I usually do.

Assuming you have watched Mohabbatein, go against society and marry someone older to set an example. Even from a religious side, my religion does not forbid me to marry someone older. Yet, isn’t it ironic when my religious has permitted to marry someone older, my heart is meant to be with that someone older I am in love with, the society still has a problem? Look at what Raj Aryan Malhotra played by SRK did to Narayan Shankar, played by Amitabh Bachchan.

Dr. Seuss stated, “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” Now if you want that reality to happen, you have to make that happen; you have to set that example. Motivated much?

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