The man who created DileiChalu

Contents are an integral part of our lives. But seldom do we put thought on how those contents are created and how much effort and diligence it requires to create one. We spore to Tahur Adnan, the content creator of “DileiChalu” and heard what it actually takes to make good content and the struggles behind it.

  • What made you create DileiChalu?

Television/entertainment has been a very important part of my childhood. I would watch cartoon and shows and imitate the characters. I had a habit of subconsciously imitating characters once I saw them on screen. It started with Mr. Bean and kept continuing. I started making really random content. I also didn’t have any tech support. I would use a t-shirt to create a warm light. Our first video got around 12k views overnight which pumped me a lot and we continued making videos. The turning point of my page was the “Zunayed” video. Even though I was warned not to make a parody of that video, I still went ahead with it. To my surprise, the video had 80k views overnight and there were 12k likes on my page. In a year, the total views in my channel were 1.4 million and there were 27000 likes. The name came up one night suddenly from my cousin when he coined the term “DileiChalu.” This page is everything I imagine it to be and I am constantly working for its development.


  • Who/what inspires you to do what you do?

There is one individual for whom I am what I am today. Shah Rukh Khan has always been my number one inspiration. I have grown up watching his movies and it amazes me how versatile of an actor he is. His acting inspires me to make the contents. Another thing that deeply inspires me is the drive to do something that will put Bangladesh on mark around the world. My father is my arc reactor. My mother passed away when I was only 13. Since then my father has been a great support to me no matter what I wanted to do. Being from a very religious family, my relatives often complain to my father on how my content contradicts my religion. But, he always defends my work and stands beside me. Sheldon Cooper is one of my favorite characters of all time. He always had a great influence on me.


  • What kinds of challenges do you usually face while making content?

I barely face problems with location and outdoor activities. The only problem I faced was with the set up for making my content. I didn’t use to have a camera and started filming using my phone. I didn’t have any tech support. I would edit videos without any speakers, by just reading lips and placing lips accordingly.


  • What are your thoughts on the entertainment industry of Bangladesh?

The progress that the entertainment industry has made in the past few years is commendable. I went to India recently and people now view the Bangladeshi entertainment industry as a competition. There are numerous opportunities and scopes in this industry. Even technologically, the industry is becoming advanced. Bangladesh has now made remarkable progress in the fields of animation as well. But one problem still persists. It’s true that content is becoming innovative day by day. But these contents remain segregated for a very long time people gradually seem to lose interest.


  • Any message you’d like to give to the youth?

We all are aware that life is extremely difficult. To sustain in this world, it’s important to live life in our own terms. It’s vital that we believe in ourselves no matter what happens. Because if you won’t,  no one ever will.




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