The Flying Cockroach

“Insecurities” – whenever we hear this word, we get reminded of a dark road where we’re the only one left out. Like, now you’re on your own. No one’s there for you and looks like now it’s going to take you at the end of the line.

Believe it or not, but this word has destroyed more lives in history than any war crimes. It is a component of our mind which consistently drives us to take decisions or make statements which even we don’t want to do but still do it. Like, some of our parents impose over their children to be something else than children’s desire most of the time because of society and people. A boy has got tremendous affection for one of his female friends but can’t speak out due to the insecurities of his friendship. We envy better performances of our friends than ours because they’re getting more love or appreciation from others, we think which leaves us behind. A girl is constantly charging his boyfriend so that her partner doesn’t think of her alternative – these are results of our insecure feelings.

Insecurity is a random feel which hits on us whenever everything’s going good in our life most of the time. It ignites adverse results of particular events in our imagination and leads us to do things that end up in causing disturbances in our lives and emotional health.

So, from the next time you feel insecure, just keep this in mind that it’s a flying cockroach in your mind which will not even bite you rather just has entered your house and will leave it in a while. Till then it’s up to you whether you’re going to make things at sixes and sevens or just keeping yourself calm and letting it go away.


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