The Creative Vlogger – Syed Muktasid

Hear from Syed Muktasid, the vlogging genius, who is known for his freestyling, astounding effects, and so much more.

How did your vlogging journey start?

   The first vlog that I watched all the way through was one of Casey Neistat’s. I fell in love with how aesthetic and rustic his videos appeared. His videos really inspired me to try and get out of my comfort zone. At the time I only made football related videos for a freestyle football channel called Freestyle Mind, but I really felt that I’d be more fulfilled making videos about a wide variety of topics, as I enjoy learning about various things. Eventually I started a journey with my best friend Kamalio, called ‘The Freestyle Life’; where we would make a video on every weekday about anything we wanted to. Both if us quit our jobs to do this, and it was quite a fascinating experience. This journey lasted for 2 months, and we made 62 videos. This came to an end for a variety of reasons, but it will be a time I will always remember. I really fell in love with the creative process and I knew that I would love to do this again in the future.

    Some time later I decided to start my own channel, where I could carry on making videos and vlogging seemed like the perfect format to express my creativity. I also decided to use these vlogs to connect with my heritage, thus I started vlogging in Bangla so that I could interact with a Bangladeshi audience.

    I have decided to stop vlogging in Bangla though, as I find it difficult to keep up with the culture in Bangladesh since I don’t live there.

You are known for your startling visual effects. How did learn to implement those?

I watched a lot of tutorials on Youtube and started applying those, I also experiment a lot. I tend to get lost in thought at times where I imagine certain effects and ideas.  My technical ability can’t keep up with my imagination so I’m always striving to learn as much as I can.

Beginning from football to vlogs regarding your lifestyle, you are covering quite a few genres. Do you have plans on making vlogs on more topics?

Yes, currently I’d like to explore psychology, culture, & entrepreneurship. I currently read up a lot in these topics. In future I might want to explore different topics.

What obstacles have you faced so far in your vlogging journey?

My biggest challenge is defining what my channel/vlogs/videos are about. I don’t stick to any specific category, so it makes it hard for me retain followers and engagement. It’s important to be consistent with your topics and category, but at the same time If I only stuck to one category I wouldn’t be fulfilled as a creator.

   Time is another obstacle, since I have a full time job along with studies. I only get time on Sunday’s to shoot videos, so it’s very difficult to squeeze in all my ideas into a one day shoot.

Any message you would like to convey to aspiring vloggers?

It really depends on what you want out of vlogging? If you want to do it to get famous, then I’d say it’s important to pick on trending topics. You might want to vlog because it’s a great way to capture memories, in which case it’s all about capturing the important events in your life. It might also just be an outlet for your creativity or thoughts. It’s important to first assess what you value and take it from there, that way you will be more authentic and will have the motivation to grow yourself in this field.

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