The Big Bang Theory Quiz – How much can you score?

#1 1. What was Sheldon Biggest Secret that only Amy knows?

#2 What was the name of Kripke’s robot?

#3 What was Stuart’s last name?

#4 What Video Game Does Penny Get Addicted To?

#5 What colorful name did Leslie Winkle call Sheldon?

#6 What adjective did Sheldon come up with to describe Leslie winkle when she corrected Sheldon’s math?

#7 Which Muppet does Raj describe as ‘the Aquaman of the Muppet babies’?

#8 What’s Leonard’s middle name?

#9 What was Howard’s health hazard other than allergy to peanuts that got him all acted up?

#10 Where Is Leonard from?



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