The Art of Letting Go

Mehtajur Rahman

Yesterday, I was randomly scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across a video clip of Shahrukh Khan proclaiming that “You live once, you love once”. And, I realized, our generation has grown up immersed in this idea that you only truly fall in love once, and once that washes away, nothing will ever be the same again. So, should we let go? How do we let go when our subconscious mind has been whitewashed for decades by pop culture not to do it?

Look, I hate to be blunt here, but statistically speaking, there is a solid chance that your current relationship might not work out. That is a truth you will have to accept upfront. The risk of falling apart is imminent with the bliss of getting together. There can come a point in your relationship where both the parties might feel as if the relationship isn’t going anywhere, as if you don’t feel the same happiness you used to once. And it’s completely normal as most if not all relationships come with an asterisk, with an expiry date. The key to a healthy relationship is to know when to end it; before all these problems start to fester beneath and make it all toxic and to end it with proper mutual respect. In the long run, both of you will understand how saving yourselves from the bitterness was an act of mercy. A breakup doesn’t need to be an inherently despicable part of your life. Think of it this way, every great story demands a fitting ending. Once you have successfully gone through all the highs and lows to mutually grow in other’s company to come to an inevitable stalemate, you must end the story to protect its integrity.

But due to what we have been taught through the stories on the silver screen, we are afraid to let go. A misconception has grown in us that if you break up with someone, you are deceiving the person, mentally tormenting the person. But that is as far from the truth as it can be. Honesty can never be deceived. Being stuck in a toxic relationship will only worsen the situation. That will be true mental torment.

I know, it will feel scary to suddenly let go of a person who envelops such a huge portion of your life. And yes, it will be painful. But over time, you will heal. You will love again. And it will all be a beautiful part of your life, an experience, a person you shall forever remain grateful for. So, when you hear the bells toll, be honest to yourself and your partner. Part your ways if need be, and continue on your path to self-growth, alone for now, so that you might love again someday.

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