The 5th Season of Skill Factory launched

Skill Factory is one of the flagship events of the Dhaka University Marketing Club. It’s a complete grooming package for students to learn and evaluate their learnings at the same time. The students are being tested by their case solutions in a group with the necessary leanings learned from the sessions. This program aids students to prepare themselves better for their career with direct guidelines from the successful ones. Business enthusiasts from all over the country will get an opportunity to interact with some of the brilliant minds of their respective fields and learn from them directly.

This year’s ‘Skill Factory’ is going to be sponsored by Build Bangladesh. Though all the previous seasons took place offline, this time the 5th season is going to be held virtually to ensure safety. For the first time, it will be open for university students all over the country.

This year’s Skill Factory will especially be emphasized making students familiar with the concept of Small and Medium Enterprises – SME. There will be 4 educative sessions at first. Then with the submission of some evaluating task from the participating teams, the top 6 teams will be selected. This top 6 teams will later compete to become the champion. The top 3 finalists will be given some exclusive rewards.

Here is the event link.

Here is the registration link.

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