Television Romance


We have all grown up watching them, and, despite our best efforts, could be striving to mimic the romance and relationships from our favorite TV shows when we were young. However, nothing is quite perfect in television romance, and here are a few unhealthy couples we had unknowingly supported when we were young.

Ross and Rachel (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)

Being one of the funniest and loved couples to date, Ross and Rachel nevertheless had a particularly wild on-and-off relationship. Their biggest fight was caused by a misunderstanding  (“We were on a break!”) that led to Ross sleeping with another woman before they had technically broken up. Their misunderstandings almost always come out of an inability to communicate fully to each other. Added to that, Ross being so intent on sleeping with other women just after they’ve broken up makes things a little more complicated.

Romeo and Juliet (Shakespeare)

While known widely as the biggest love story to date, their love definitely isn’t something that deserves to be emulated by kids as old as Juliet. Never mind the age difference or the fact that Juliet’s merely thirteen when she’s swept away by the handsome Romeo, the main problems in their relationship arises from excessive passion and violence. Seeing Romeo having killed her cousin she whispers that he is a “black raven disguised in the white feathers of a dove; ravenous wolf in sheep’s clothing!”.

And that is most certainly true for the rest of this story, as Romeo eventually kills himself with the thought that the other is dead. It is definitely the most passionate type of love, just not the most healthy.

Allie and Noah (The Notebook)

This swoon-worthy film has its ups and downs. For instance, the film doesn't start off very promising. Noah, who is almost stalker-level obsessed with Allie when they first meet, threatens to kill himself by letting go of the Ferris wheel if she doesn’t go out on a date with him. Furthermore, at first, they struggle to make their relationship clear, with one of them being engaged and the other still madly in love, one of the two, Allie, makes many mistakes and has a love-affair before finally realizing she has to take matters into her own hands. It doesn’t need to be said that threatening to kill yourself on your first date probably won’t impress your crush as much as you want it to.

Mia and Sebastian  (La La Land)

Although their relationship eventually ends up in dregs, that still doesn’t stop fans from speculating what would’ve happened if they’d given up their dreams for each other. The answer? Not much. Mia and Sebastian start off on the wrong note, and even their first meeting is filled with malicious remarks-

“asking a serious musician to play ’I ran’-”

“Can I borrow that outfit? I have an audition tomorrow, I’m playing a serious firefighter.”

“Oh I see, you’re a barista. And I see how you can look down at me from all the way up there.”

-and things don’t seriously get better even after they’ve entered a committed relationship. Sebastian doesn’t spend much time with Mia in the wake of his career and misunderstandings continue to occur, so much so that a deep-set resentment appears in both of them which is accidentally revealed on dinner night. When Mia tries to convince Sebastian to follow his true passions he returns with malicious-

“Maybe you liked me more when I was a failure because it made you feel better about yourself.”

And while they do have an amazing chemistry it wouldn’t be hard to explain that these two just weren’t for each other.

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