Sorry – One word against a thousand actions


Humans are born prone to error. We are imperfect beings and mistakes are very natural for us. We all absorb different qualities and behaviors that differentiate us from others. So it’s obvious that we do one single thing in various ways, and mistakes can occur pretty easily. Mistakes are unavoidable, one can’t be always perfect and flawless, as said by Theodore Roosevelt.


“​The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.”


Thus, it’s coherent to do something wrong but not accepting the flaws and keep running from admitting it is not inevitable. Whatever a person does he/she must conquer the courage to accept and apologize for the misdeeds. Unfortunately, there are a few people who really show their guts and apologize, in here apologies are looked at as a weakness. But it’s completely opposite, the ability to apologize needs great spunk.


One simple and humble apology can solve many unwanted occurrences. We should seek the reasons behind the mistakes we do, if we get the correct reasoning it’ll help us to avoid the same mistake again and again.


And there’s a wrong assumption that we used to believe, which is our mistakes may define us. For this many people step back from accepting the fault and making an apology. But it’s not rather the courageous gesture of stepping forward and saying “sorry” make you praiseworthy among others.


Mistakes are the stairs of learning is another most important thing. Well, it teaches the doer great lesson than anything else.


We all should know it’s never too late to say sorry! Often our ego comes against us and stops to utter the word “sorry”. It also makes us stubborn enough to skip our mistakes. But if we keep this kind of behavior it can cause massive losses. We can lose close friends, loved ones, sometimes even family members. It’s our duty to say” Sorry” When it’s needed and always keep in mind that good relationships are more valuable than worthless ego. Even though you feel it is too late since the incident happened, try to make things right and show up with a humble apology in front of them. It will surely fix messed things up as well as open the doors of positivity.

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