Small things you can do to facilitate online classes for your Teachers

Back in school, my friends made annoying noises in class, we girls gossiped with one another, ate tiffin in between classes, sometimes played small pranks even. But I can’t seem to remember any instance where we decided to mock our teachers, disrespect them or do anything which made them question their self-respect. 

With online classes in place and not so tech-savvy faculty members, everything has turned into chaos. But I was never able to understand what made people so desperate that they did things which made their faculties, almost as aged as their parents, cancel classes out of shame and embarrassment. I believe a lot of it comes from upbringing and home environment. Parents will blame everything on teachers, won’t teach their kids minimum manners, and will constantly play the money card. What a waste of resources, energy, and time!

You can do the bare minimum mentioned below to make online classes comfortable for your faculty: 

  1. If your classmates are doing things they aren’t supposed to do, call them out. Always. Even if you are alone who is protesting against a bad agenda, be fearless, and point out their misdeeds instantly. Refrain from using offensive language against your faculty members even in group chats and call out jokes which are out of limit. 
  2. Understand that your teachers aren’t as tech-savvy as you and that is completely fine. They weren’t taught so and this is maybe the first time they are using an online platform to conduct classes. Please be patient with them.
  3. I have come across people who somehow seem to believe that, they know more than their faculties. It’s good if you know more. Appreciable in fact. But does that make your faculty stupid? Does that allow you to pass remarks on their intellectual ability? Not really. So, refrain from passing such comments. 
  4. When your faculty in struggling with any option in the app, make sure you are helping them. Politely educate them and help them to be better equipped with the online platform. 
  5. Some universities are trying really hard to do all that they can. This situation was unprecedented and nothing could have been planned beforehand. So, if it’s taking some time for your institution to formulate the new rules, try to comprehend the reasons behind it. If your institution is taking some good steps, please appreciate it. Complaining about anything and everything isn’t ever going to bring out any good in you. 

As humans, we have progressed so much by the dint of science and technology. But with time, we have lost some basic qualities such as patience, empathy, compassion, optimism, and above all kindness. It is not okay or even funny to mock your teachers. Please be more than these. Kindness goes a long way. 

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