Sehri Tales: A Ticket to 30 Amazing Nights of Creative Feats

Nudraat Nawer Khan

There’s a concept that is much popular among a large section of people; that an individual can experience more creative release in the night time compared to the day. To expand further, the brain provides us with better ideas to express ourselves when it is free from any sort of constraints, which usually happens when the sun goes down and we’re about to put an end to a hectic or lackluster day. If you are still a tad bit unsure about this notion, Sehri Tales is going to open you up to this in a whole different light.

Sehri Tales is a unique event created for people who can take the smallest of ideas and turn it into an engrossing piece of literary or illustrative art. For the entire holy month of Ramadan, after the clock strikes 12 in Bangladesh every night, a message is sent out into Facebook containing the prompt for that night. The participants then have to create something from scratch and post it on the event timeline using the hashtag #sehritales. It could be a short story, some poetry or prose, a single artwork; anything that is relevant to the theme. There is so much room to just let your creative juices flow and produce an original piece. Ideally, one should get to this after they wake up for Suhoor, but the participants have until 6 AM to get their submissions through. After this, the top 3 entries each receive an honorary place in Dhaka Tribune’s Ramadan page. The event page is filled with the inspired brainchildren of potential writers and poets, aspiring artists, and even participants who are taking part in this challenge because they wish to delve deeper into the awe-inspiring world of innovation articulation. Simply going through and appreciating the wide variety of write-ups/art/poetry people are putting out and showcasing is a rather fulfilling experience in itself. 

Originally started as a solo attempt, Sehri Tales partnered up with Litmosphere, a page created for the love of books by some dedicated bookworms, in 2018. For the years of 2018 and 2019, the event was made available to all the group members of Litmosphere. In 2020, there has been an exciting development. Due to the ongoing crisis, the collaborators have made it an open challenge for all the imaginative minds on Facebook. Creator of Sehri Tales, Sabrina Fatma Ahmad, is an author and Features Editor at Dhaka tribune. According to her, the idea for this came to her back in 2016 when she was facing some annoying writer’s block. She set some rules for herself: every night of Ramadan, she would wake up for Suhoor and dish out something completely original and on the spot. She used to post it on Facebook using the hashtag #sehritales. At the end of the month, she realized that not only had she recovered from the slump, but her mental condition has significantly improved. Thus, she came up with the brilliant idea of making it an annual challenge. 

Apart from experts who have already concluded that artwork and literature can indeed be very therapeutic to the mind, Sabrina claims from firsthand experience that waking up in the middle of the night means you are waking up with a clean slate, and working, under those circumstances, is a stimulating sensation that can help you in ways more than one. Throughout the years, she has had incredible contribution in organizing as well as providing the creative and fun factor to the event. Not only does she oversee the entire 30-day long challenge, but she is also the talented mind behind the prompts. In addition to that, she has managed to copyright the name and successfully published an anthology of the same name. With this challenge, she wishes to bring forward the multifold benefits of creative works, as well as build a community for people to come together and share their ideas and stories. Check out both Litmosphere and Sehri Tales if you’re looking to be part of an amazing and supportive community that shares one common interest; the one for literature and art.

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