School of Thought

From the beginning of creation primitive man has become today’s civilized man by the power of his thinking. We see different types, different origins, or grammars of that thought. However, the School of Thought has tried to provide a platform for them.

They would like to highlight any of your thoughts on any subject, be it art, literature, science, any ongoing academic or non-academic subject. They want to create a sea of ​​thought in society by bringing together the smallest knowledge of all.

 School of Thought is arranging “National Thought Competition 2020” a Virtual event for all aged participants. School of Thought is basically a platform where an opportunity is created to express various thoughts. Its purpose is to show the different thoughts of different types of people at different levels of society. This event is from that inspiration where everyone will present their thoughts or message to the society through words, paintings, or videos. Here, they do not have any age barrier for the participants. It’s an initiative for people of all ages. During this lockdown, many are suffering from mental illness and stress, so the organization wants to change that situation. Throughout the event, participants can utilize their free time showcasing their creative & innovative ideas-skills. A Prize Money of 10 Thousand BDT and Certificates will be provided for the winners and participants.

More than 100+ institutions will be participating in this Virtual Festival where true potentiality will be given recognition.

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