This tourist destination is highly popular for the tremendous view of clear water. Moreover, there are a lot of historical signs along with cultural treasures and it is also a mountainous region. Mainly Sardinia is an autonomous region of Italy which is situated in the west of the Italian Peninsula and considered as one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea. Cagliari is the city of this region. As This city was formed during 8th century BC so this city is fulfilled with enormous historical signs such as Cathedral, the Royal Palace, the panoramic terraces of the ramparts of Saint-Rémy, Santa Croce and hidden churches. Let’s talk about the beauty of crystal clear water of Sardinia. If someone just searches  “Clear water around Sardinia”, he/she will see some tremendous images and desire to visit this place. The water is so clear that, the shadow of the boat can easily be seen. Many people suppose that the photo of Sardinia’s water is edited by Photoshop or something else. But in real life, the underwater stuff such as fish, rocks, plants etc. can clearly be seen. The white sand of the beaches is also making more elegant and attractive to see the water. Many people all around the globe come here to feel the touch of that clear water. Lastly, it can be said that the Sardinia is a total package of natural beauty and many of the tourists consider this place as a ‘must visit ‘ one.

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