Same age relationships

Most of the people don’t think that much when they are falling in love.  They just dive in more into love with their whole heart and soul. But after a while, some turn out to be eternally thankful for their love and some get totally disgusted over love for the rest of their life. No matter what your situation is, no matter whether you are in love or not; you have probably heard about the stereotypes and hurdles of “Same age Relationship”. Well, let’s discuss it!

Same age relationship is, two same aged human beings in love with each other, yet, people make it so complicated that rather than focusing on the future, we only focus on the imaginary problems that the society puts in front of us! We keep on trying to solve those problems and get so tired in the process that many of us give up. We give up and lose to society and to the stereotypes.

But what about it? Are same age relationships really that problematic? Or is it that we just don’t have enough guts to fight for the people whom we love?

People say same age relationships don’t become a success as in our society girls are married off much earlier than boys. Some people prefer an age gap of 3 to 8 years between the husband and the wife hoping that this age gap will help them in understanding and carry it on in the future. People say love marriage is bad. Girls are married off earlier in our society thinking that their husbands will pay for their expenses. So girls don’t need to be established, according to the stereotypes. But as the boys need to be established before asking for the girl’s hand, it takes them time to reach that position. Many of the same aged couples break up in this dilemma. Sometimes people say that the girl might look older earlier than the boy and that’s a big disadvantage! But have we ever thought, why we need to look forever young? Is looking younger is important than being happy? Some might say they argue more, understand less. Yes, maybe, it is partially true. But how long they are going to argue for? If a couple really loves one another then today or tomorrow, they will learn to act according to their partners.  There might be thousands of more stereotypes out there, but there won’t be a second true love!

So, if you really love and care to be with them, fight for it! Fight for the future. Work hard, maintain yourself and hope for the best. After all age doesn’t matter in any love or marriage. If you are happy with each other, that’s the most important factor in the marriage.


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