Sacred Games Season 2 Review – Power, Compassion, Violence & Vengeance.


The subtle art of a mythical epic, the second season of Netflix’s Sacred Games season 2 is more of an intricate fable than the first. The journey which started from season 1, the madness, the ever so rage boiled drama, the context underneath all the mystery comes alive once more. Sacred Games Season 2 starts streaming on Netflix today (15th of August at around 12:30 am Bangladeshi time). Starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Ganesh Gaitonde and Saif Ali Khan as Sartaj Singh, the first season of the series has taken the audience by a storm of attraction of which the desire for the forthcoming season was already on par with every other top-notch series there is. From the planetary cast to the divine storytelling it was bound to the viewers as they waited a while for the eight episodes of the second season which also ends on somewhat of a cliffhanger like the earlier season.

Season one ended with Sartaj Singh discovering a bunker which looked like a safe house in a situation of a nuclear disaster. The dead inside body carried the ID card of Trivedi and with only a few days until D-day, Sartaj has to solve the riddle and stop the catastrophe.

The desire and wait for the next maze to be solved was truly worth it. Sacred Games 2 creates a broad concept to the audience as the story unfolds in a way that the viewers will only tend to ask for more. Ganesh Gaitonde and the making of the character will definitely keep you holding your breath and it’s only expected from a classic Netflix tale like this one. You’re in for a thrilling time which will create a separated place in your mind as you try to figure out what the future holds and how the past story connects with the entire plot armor.


With a new season comes some new faces, more alert cops and a group of new players with deep-rooted instinct in the Indian government. The freedom of these characters is shown in a unique way but the concept of the man from Gopalmath Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) to detail the ins and outs remains constant in this season too as we get a much more in-depth look of the character itself. In a word the entire force of making the series has taken an initiative which truly is praiseworthy and full of commandment.

From the extravagant time-lapse of clips to clips to the songs and special graphical excitement; season 2 definitely has its own way of creating an aura for us audiences which leaves us with a startling expression each and every time. Trust me on this, you will never even weaver for a split of second while watching the series as it’s so intimidating. A volley of political observations is set free at us right there, and you will understand how political it can be it was actually based on the story that makes you question between conscious and subconscious mind.

There are also some answers for us. From the enormously interested in making films on gangsters and how he gets played to the deviations of the same name are visible but you will probably ignore them like me as what I witnessed was totally unexpected of any Indian show that I have come across in my lifetime. Valiant and meticulous words can be labeled but that too would be an underestimation for such a thrilling expedition.


Saif Ali Khan’s Sartaj Singh has made the character like it was always meant for him and him only as we see him running towards the road of riddles. Being the person as he is from the first season, he continues to unveil the small details which in later part of the series becomes the main idea of the entire series. While watching you might even feel like, maybe just maybe more than Gaitonde, it’s Singh who is telling us the story as we hear back and forth from one character to another. Think about Gaitonde telling us the crime part of it, then we see Singh taking us through the police/government side of it with all virtue and interest. Feels like a double-edged sword sometimes as we try to lean towards one character than the other on strikes from the opposite side.


Season 2 is more than what meets the eyes, while the first season was an out-and-out Gaitonde demonstration, the second one uplifts some other major characters, and introduces a new one—a terrific Pankaj Tripathi as Guruji. What a revelation he has been in the last couple of years is truly a piece of art as we see hopping from one plot to another with a graphical genre between materialism and idealism.

Gaitonde’s life also gets to unveil in this season so does the series of lovers that changed and molded his life. The prime example of it is Jojo (Surveen Chawla), helping to showcase the bizarrely foul-mouthed mobster’s soft-hearted corner. Funny how it remains a world dominated by men and their desire for power and glory.

As I said before, the first season was a journey of its own and in between the two seasons while we waited for a while; the viewers had their own perspective and perception about what might or might not happen in the near future. The complex question got a somewhat of a compound answer as the journey took a different route this time around involving the underlings of the show and how they played an important role towards the conclusion which is far from being completely concluded, to be frank. You can accuse this season of wrapping and presenting cheap thrills in the name of a thriller, but it’s perfectly straddling and is one of the best shows on Netflix. Becoming another Narcos or Money Heist within a glance of sight is very much likely in my honest opinion.

Saif Ali Khan’s Sartaj Singh trying to solve the mystery that Gaitonde has left behind; both men being divided as they are by duty, are alike in ways neither would like to admit; their journeys converging at the feet of the same man and more. Trust me you don’t want to miss out on the expedition.

The second season of Sacred Games is a prime example of a series can be a topic of the trend for each and every generations and how it creates a place in our heart for the thriller genre in a nutshell. The scrutiny of individuals working within organizations, how everyone be it the negligible of characters regardless of their state of mind, is in some way or the other controlled by the hierarchy it what makes a masterpiece itself. The concept of predictability is lost as we encounter the malevolent power of religion, and how combining the aspects of the story can create a chemical reaction between the viewers and the characters of the show resulting in a nuclear magnitude.

In a word, it’s a banger of a show which will definitely keep you on the hook. Settle down, have some snacks of your preference with you and just tune into Netflix and see season 2 giving you an experience that you’ve never even imagined possible on a television screen.

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