S2C: The Transition from Science to Commerce

Here’s the deal with transitions. They are rarely smooth. Regardless of how much aware you are or how many precautionary steps you’ve taken primarily, it’s almost guaranteed to be one bumpy ride. So even if initially you don’t feel the bumps, hold tight, because the ride will eventually unleash wrath upon its passengers and show its true colours. For yours truly, it was no exception when he decided to sail his way to the shores of Business Administration, all the way from the hellish depth of Science for undergrad.  Unfortunately, he overestimated his courage and set sail. And as soon as his feet touched down on the sands, he met his inevitable demise. This, readers, is in remembrance of the fallen and a cautionary tale for those who dare. Beware!

The story starts off nice and easy. Yours truly, after months of studying his buttock off like a pro kamla, gets access to his desired land of opportunities. And it is every bit the dreamland that he had thought. He could smell the optimism in the air. Finally, his time had come!! He had finally moved out of Toxicity and settled in his La La Land.

But that wasn’t all. McDreamy wasn’t entirely wrapped around in bubbles, basking in his glory. He was gathering intel as well. He was preparing himself for the upcoming battle against courses related to Management and Human Resource and whatnot. He started piling up his arsenal, with everything he has learned from his days of suffering in that hellhole of science. He awaited the first flow of attack. And when it came, he was ready for it. When Introduction to Management came charging, Captain Hook countered with his past experience of dealing with theories and graphical models of Chemistry. When History of Bangladesh looked to floor yours truly, he used the good ol’ cheat code he has used numerous challenging times in his student life- MEMORISE! He didn’t falter under the pressure. Instead, he fought back and once again, hit the bull’s-eye. It was as though he could do no wrong. Everything he touched turned into SHONA. It tasted like redemption, for he couldn’t secure a SHONA in his Higher Secondary Certificate aka HSC exam. 

Pretty smooth till now, eh? Well, let me take you back to the very start of this piece where I warned you how the tides can shift at a moment’s notice. After successfully and quite heroically surviving the first semester of undergrad life, it was time for round two. And much like all those classic heavyweight bouts, the tables turned (not much of a classic to the writer though). This time the courses retaliated, with Financial Accounting leading the charge and blowing one punch after another. The champ was getting pounded with moneymakers.  Midweeks, presentations – yours truly was getting thrashed mercilessly. So much so that you would be confused whether or not you are watching the reels of ‘” Destroyed in seconds”. It didn’t feel like a heavyweight bout anymore. It felt like former pro-wrestler CM Punk trying out UFC. And the first semester here was the first and only punch he landed in his entire MMA career. 

The champ was so worn out from getting victimized by Financial Accounting and Co. that he couldn’t even punch back with Business Mathematics as one last act of defiance. And BAAM! Semester final arrives and with one smooth uppercut, the champ is knocked out!


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