Road Terrorists

29th of July, 2018. I still remember that day. I was on my way home with my friends, when one of them informed that the traffic gridlock was getting out of hand, as the roads were blocked by students. Yes, I am talking about the time when the entire nation protested when two innocents were killed by ruthless bus drivers.


It’s the 19th of March, 2019 today. Which means, it has not been even one year since the Airport Road tragedy took place. I woke up this morning to one of my friends who called me, asking me to join him in front of Jamuna Future Park. And there you go, the next thing I know is Abrar Ahmed, a boy from BUP was killed by a bus. Not only that, his body was on a zebra crossing. I apologize for entertaining you with a definition you already know perhaps, but a zebra crossing is where vehicles must stop if pedestrians wish to cross.


Again, let me define a term you already are aware of. A terrorist is a person who unlawfully uses violence and intimidation against civilians. Now think for a moment, what’s the difference between terrorists and these cold hearted bus drivers? To you, it might be another sad death, which you may eventually forget about a week or two later. To many, it’s more than just a fellow brother who was killed.


Yes, nationwide protests, a warzone to ‘bujhafy’ students, silence, and killings all over again? I was baffled when I realized that Abrar died on the exact same spot where I pass every single day. It has just been almost a day, and even after it was announced that the license of the bus company that killed Abrar will be canceled, I saw buses of that same company on the roads.


It might be you tomorrow. It might be me the day after that. If you ever know about Abrar, you should also know that he was a bright student who was admired by his friends and family, and his parents dreamed about the day he will graduate, and do big things just like our parents’ dream. You should learn to differentiate between an accident and a murder, and a ruthless bus driver and a road terrorist.

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