Reasons why Startup Incubators are better than Business Schools

If you’re thinking of climbing up the corporate ladder to build something of your own, you may be surprised to find, many people don’t give a damn about your degree and the market might fire you quicker than any ungrateful boss. 

Since the 1950s, business incubators have been there. The main function consists of offering expert mentorship, resources like office space and legal counsel, and even the scope to raise seed money. Vitally, early-stage investors are paying close attention. Here are a few reasons why Startup Incubators are better than Business Schools:


You can’t teach Entrepreneurship

You will learn far more by actually running a startup firm and through interaction with others who are on the same journey as yours. You will learn these actual skills as well as the inspirational drive which doesn’t come with a university degree price tag.

It’s better to get than to spend

Would you run your company after receiving a fancy degree and thousands of bucks of loans hanging over your head? Or would you spend wisely, to make sure you have the perfect product, with which you can raise funding?

Time is money

Money is not the only factor. No one’s asking you to stop pursuing education, but if you’re doing it solely because you want to be an entrepreneur someday, then make sure you’re spending your time properly. It’s not just about the degree, it’s about how you’re utilizing your time besides your studies.


The Networking Is Better


Business school connections are unbelievably valuable. Yet even in this regard, incubators are a better bet. People who never met you before will be there to support you as you build your product. They will guide you and you can grow together. 


The fun of joining an incubator is closely connected to the task at hand: building and selling a real product that came out of your head. It’s special to read your first press coverage, to close a big round of financing. And it’s also special to get that first loyal customer. 


To add up all of that, Startup Dhaka’s 2 Month-long incubation program is designed for helping early-stage startups to move ideas into a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) stage. The program curriculum will cover subjects that entrepreneurs need, in order to systematically approach Customer Discovery, Design Thinking, Product Development, Pitch Deck design, Market Sizing, Bootstrapping, Fundraising – everything an early-stage startup needs to cover but teams find it hard to get support in our market. With the best line-up of mentors who will support your ideas and turn them into reality, Startup Dhaka will make sure your imaginations turn into products for the right set of customers. 

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