People Who Fear Happiness

Mohaimenul H Meme

If you watch the movie named ‘American Beauty’, you will understand how desirable the thing ‘happiness’ is. Who does not want to be happy in this world? The equation of happiness is not the same for anyone. To a small child what is happiness is not the same feeling to a young man. The young employee who thinks he is dying for a happy bird and that happiness melts away in the dining table of capitalism. Sixty years of retired old man spend time waiting for a child who is far away, but happiness is different for a young woman who falls in love for the first time!

Well, it can be that people spend every moment behind happiness, their whole lives; can someone fear this happiness? You know that feeling when something seems too good to be true – when it looks like a lot has happened in your favor recently, so it’s suspicious?

Some people can’t get over this feeling, and their good fortune takes a sinister turn in their minds.

This fear has a nice name! This fear of happiness is called Cherophobia. They think that good news is a prediction of any mourning news! This idea is more prevalent in the East than in the West. In our folk culture, we have a good example of this in the words of Khana. Khana’s words say, “The more you laugh, the more you cry said by Ram Sanna.” Who knows who this Ram Sanna is! But his idea is still in line with today’s “Cherophobia”. So was Ram Sanna Cherophobic? Maybe or not!

According to Cherophobics, Comfort is their happiness. Without taking the risk of a new relationship, engaging in any responsibility, what will happen if they can’t live up to their own or others’ expectations, these thoughts are always on their minds. It is thought that if there will be a hole in the front before one step is taken, then it is not possible to cross the path, it is not possible to reach that constant destination called ‘happiness’. 

The funny thing is that Cherophobics are very confident. They think in advance that there will be problems, what kind of problems will happen, they think it is their foresight and believe that they are right in this case. They change the definition of ‘good’ very nicely and claim to be good and they are that much stubborn not to let happiness enter the window of the mind! Strange but true, isn’t it?

Finally, I would like to say something to the Cherophobics who are afraid of this happiness. Human birth is the birth of great fortune, in this birth it is a joy to embrace all happiness and sorrow. Do not calculate what will be lost but take the joy of this moment, you’ll be happy at the end of the day!

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