On breaking barriers: OYC launches ‘The Resurgence’

A Virtual International Art Exhibition, one of its kind, vanquishes Covid-19 hurdles

Dhaka, Bangladesh — ‘The Resurgence’ is an International Art Exhibition where talented artists from different countries will amalgamate to showcase their talent in the form of posters, paintings, or any form of art that they feel expresses them the best. It is organized by Oracle Youth Community ( OYC ), a youth organization that promotes youth empowerment through organizing different events. 

An online Instagram page has been opened where artworks of the selected artists will be posted with an option for them to be purchased by the audience viewing them, virtually. The posted content will have the artwork itself, the price tagged for that specific artwork, and the artist’s expression and expectations behind the submission of the art and the story behind it.

Running alongside the exhibition, there will also be scheduled discussions about the subject artistry and art itself. Such conversations seek to initiate a dialogue between artists and audiences who are keen to learn about the different forms of art. Our guest artists for this exhibition are- renowned artist Reesham Shabab Tirtho,  Mohima Islam, Hena Hossain, and Muskan Azad from BAFA.

Oracle Youth Community is also delighted to announce:

  • Bangladesh Academy of Fine Arts (BAFA), one of the most renowned cultural and educational institution in Bangladesh as their Strategic Partner
  • ‘Torun’, A platform that believes in educating, entertaining, and empowering the youth of Bangladesh and above, as our Associate Partner.

The exhibition is from 15th September to 29th September. The registration and payment deadline for artists wishing to participate in on the 13th of September.

Oracle Youth Community extends its invitation to all aspiring artists and innovative minds to utilize the opportunity of a lifetime and be recognized on a nationwide platform for the talent they possess.

For more information and guidelines, kindly refer to our event page

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