NSU Virtual Celebration by NSU Talks

 Ava Mir

North-South University is an institution that has inspired private educational institutes for more than the last two decades. It was the first private university in the country, and it set a benchmark for the other private universities that emerged after it. Furthermore, apart from its immense growth, North South University has recently been ranked as the number one private university in Bangladesh.

In order to celebrate this achievement of North South University, NSU Talks, organized a virtual event called the NSU Virtual Celebration. NSU Talks is a student-run on-campus organization that was founded last December by four students of North South University amidst the Covid-19 lockdown. The event was conducted on Christmas Eve to make the event more festive and colorful. The aim of this event was not just to celebrate North South University’s achievements, but also to raise the students’ spirits in this cheerful time of the year.

The event had a cultural part, where students of North South University Sangaskritik Sangathan(NSUSS), a cultural students club which has always mesmerized NSU students with their incredible talents, performed different poetry, dance, songs, and group activities for the audience.

The second part of the virtual celebration consisted of a new segment introduced by NSU Talks known as Debating Grounds. The debate was on the topic, “Do You Believe Freedom of Speech Should Be Allowed in Educational Institutions?”.  There was a ground-breaking discussion about this topic among the two debaters, Mashrur Ahmed Zidane and Dipu Kumar Sarkar where they both talked about some essential points regarding the issue. The winner was chosen based on the audiences’ choice, and Mashrur Ahmed Zidane won the debate segment. Zaqa Zeeshan Saif moderated this segment of the virtual celebration.

The last segment of the virtual celebration featured an awe-inspiring conversation with Muntasir Mamun Iqbal (IQB), the Director of Institutional Ranking Cell of North South University and senior faculty member of the NSU Department of Economics. Here, Mr. Mamun talked about himself, his experience in North University and his experience about the journey of NSU becoming the number one private university in Bangladesh.

This celebration could not have been possible without the support of the fantastic partners that NSU Talks had for this event. Radio Carnival was the Radio Partner, Torun served as the Youth Content Partner, and Tyche served as the Apparel Partner of this action-packed event. 

North-South University has made Bangladesh proud by achieving this ranking on a global platform. May this institute keep shining bright and achieve more success in the future as well.

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