Mozilla lays off 250 people as part of “Restructuring”

Humaira Amin Raisa

The Mozilla Corporation obliterated 250 jobs, about a quarter of the total posts, as the company juggles between its priorities: making the Firefox browser and making money.

The CEO of Mozilla Firefox, Mitchell Baker, declared the layoffs in an internal mail, which the company later posted in an online blog. There, she emphasized the company’s route towards sustainability, after the “significant impact on revenue” caused by the global pandemic. 

“To go further, we must be organized to be able to think about a different world,” Mitchell added. In her mail, she mentioned that going further calls for a smaller workplace. 

Mozilla’s operations in Taipei, Taiwan, will be closed as the result of the layoffs. Baker called them “individuals of exceptionally professional and personal caliber. “  

Mozilla, however, ensures that all the laid-off employees will “at least” receive their base salary and health benefits and other essential incentives until the end of the year, alongside their bonuses.

With this vision of change in mind, Mozilla dropped off some hints as to what these layoffs mean for customers. It will focus more on products that cost money, such as the company’s recently launched VPN, which retails for $5 a month. A notably lower priority would be free stuff like Firefox’s developer tools. 

Mozilla is organizing a new product, other than Firefox, that will ship new products fast, as well as develop new revenue streams.  “Our initial investments will be Pocket, Hubs, VPN, Web Assembly, and security and privacy products. Besides, we are creating a new design and UX team to support these products, and a new applied Machine Learning team that will help our products include ML features,” Mitchell wrote in her mail. 

These are the steps the corporation has implemented to make the organization feasible. However, there are certainly some new horrors lurking for them ahead, Mozilla included. 

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