Liking a meme

Even though Facebook reactions have been immensely criticized when first introduced but now these reactions are a part of our happiness, pain and gain. And it is said to be a great skill to use proper reactions in different posts. But there has been a great dispute whether it is a crime to just like a meme.


Recently I have seen more people complaining about this rather than complaining about other real problems. I have also seen friendships breaking just because of liking a meme. Now how logical is it to like a meme? The “Memers” claim that memes are a part of art. Not everyone can make a meme. Yes, you can just post a joke but it really takes a lot of hard work to make a dank one. So it clearly goes without saying that making a meme is not just about being funny it’s about using every part of your creativity and to link up connections no one has ever thought before. And apparently to judge how dank of a meme is, you just count the number of ha-ha reactions. And when a memer sees a like in-between the vast sea of hahas, they see it a disgrace to their creation. But according to the people who like the memes, opposes that every time they have to use a haha they have to use extra seconds of their overly scheduled life. The same dispute goes for the ones who use ha-ha in people’s profile pictures rather than loving them.


Now being a Torun, are you sporty enough to use proper reactions or do also you think that liking a post is enough to show appreciation?


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