Leadership: Nurturing the change within

Fida Bin Shahnowaz

On the 6th and 7th of November, Midas Finance Ltd. presents Campus Club Summit In Association with The Daily Star was organized by Excellence Bangladesh. On the first day – 6th of November, around an hour-long session on the Program- ‘Leadership: Nurturing the change within’ from 11:30 AM-01:00 PM was held at this summit. 

The panel of experts for the discussion comprised of:

  1. Elita Karim, Editor Arts & Entertainment and Star Youth, The Daily Star
  2. Ayman Sadiq, Founder & CEO, 10 Minute School
  3. Sheikh Shabab Ahmed, Head of External Affairs, BAT Bangladesh.
  4. Shuvashish Roy, Digital Marketing Manager, The Daily Star
  5. Tanjim Ferdous (Moderator),  National Consultant, United Nations in Bangladesh

The esteemed panelists touched upon some of the key aspects of this issue especially for the youth.

Co-curricular activities are designed and balanced with the education life so that every student gets to learn beyond studies. Co-curricular activities are meant to engage communication skills, social skills, intellectual skills, personality progress, character appeal in students and build networking among students. A key point and a recurring theme throughout the discussion was how the co-curricular activities evolved through times, how these activities helped the panel experts in their professional life and many more things related to these. First of all, the moderator asked the panel of experts about their co-curricular activities during their student life and how their co-curricular activities shaped up their professional life and social life. As they mentioned, that over time, the needs for co-curricular opportunities have increased and their university lives were mainly filled with such activities which helped them to get outside the box and engage them with more than thousands of enthusiastic students outside their campus.

One of the panel experts, Ayman Sadiq advised the youths to get engaged with at least 1 club and choose one co-curricular activity other than education, to do and achieve better in their life. He also mentioned that they will be able to learn many things from co-curricular activities through a great journey and build networking. Sheikh Shabab Ahmed advised the youth to have an inspiration for extra-curricular activities. Shuvashish Roy also mentioned that he achieved a Chevening scholarship too not only for academic life but for his leadership and communication skills which he acquired through clubbing. Elita Karim termed the extracurricular activities as the “Lifelines of Universities”. She advised the youth to do whatever we like in our university life but focusing on the CGPA as well.

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