Laptop vs Desktop: Which one should I buy

While buying a new computer, the first question that comes to mind is whether you should buy a laptop or a desktop. Well, the obvious difference between the two is portability. But there are many more things you should consider before purchasing any one of them.

First of all, in 2019 laptops have come a long way since they were first introduced. They are no longer the slow and weaker and more expensive version of their desktop equivalent. Over time the gap between them has decreased. So when it comes to taking the decision on which one to buy then you should ask yourself a few questions.

Are you a hardcore gamer who plays Triple-A titled games? Or are you someone who is into professional video editing? If you are, then buy a desktop with a strong GPU and CPU with a better cooling system. Because a laptop can never compete when it comes to raw performance. But if you are a casual gamer and prefer doing light editing on the go then you can look into some of the gaming laptops with high end GPU.


If you are a student who is not into gaming or video editing then I hardly suggest you buy a good quality laptop instead of a desktop. It’s perfect for internet browsing, typing and watching movies while giving you the option to carry it around to your campus or workplace. You can hardly differentiate between the performance of a desktop and laptop if you are only using your computer for lightweight works.


Then if you are someone who likes to stay updated with hardware as they are introduced then you might want to build a desktop. A  laptop comes with very few upgrade option with fixed GPU and CPU units so you will be stuck with old generation hardware for many years. But you can easily upgrade RAM on your laptop.


Finally, the main question that you should ask yourself is if you can afford it. Given the same identical specs, the price differs greatly between a laptop and a desktop. A desktop that you can build for 60k will cost you around 1 lakh taka if it’s on a laptop with the same spec. So a laptop with similar performance is roughly 40% more expensive than its desktop counterpart.


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