Knack Nation presents ProMark 2020 – Nation’s first Project Management based Online Case Competition

Change is inevitable, and the disruption it causes often brings both inconvenience and opportunity. Amidst the epidemic that we are going through, the impact of students’ studying from home and not being able to do much of productive will also be twofold. With the very conception of providing a platform to students for utilizing their present-day time in the optimum mode, Knack Nation, a prominent business club from Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka, is about to set feet to organize the country’s first-ever all-inclusive online Project Management based Inter-University Business Case Competition “ProMark 2020”.

Fifty years prior to the date, in the era of the old project management world, project managers would give focal points on efficiency, functioning accomplishment, and satisfying deadlines. However, in the twentieth century, today’s driving business domains demand much more than just elevated productivity; instead, they move to unearth new ways to turn projects into dynamic and ambitious weapons for winning the marketplace. And “ProMark 2020” presented by Knack Nation is on the road for undergraduate students to have unleashed an all in one project management based ultimate gateway for business competition in contemporary time. The Daily Campus and Daily Sun are the media partners of the national event.

“Promark 2020”, presented by Knack Nation, is a Project Management based national business case competition outlined with the inception of providing the concurrent platform of project management in the coexisting corporate world for the business background students. Before the outset of the race, Knack Nation has arranged a live session on “Business Case Solving” for the students enthused in partaking case competitions. The guest speakers of the live session would be Farah Haque, Management Trainee of Marketing at bKash, and Fahmid Chowdhury Sami, Audit Assistant at KPMG Bangladesh. Knack Nation has further arranged a webinar session, especially on “Project Management” for the registered participants of the competition to equip them with insights on the context matter, and the workshop will be proceeded by Bayezid Hasan, Strategic Project Manager at Unilever.

“ProMark 2020” was officially set in motion on August 11, 2020, and the open for all registration was announced live on August 14, 2020. At present, online registration is live, and the registration fee for participation is only BDT 150. Any undergraduate students from any university in Bangladesh can partake in the competition. Participants can participate as an individual or as a team of a maximum of three members and must be from the same university. The first round of the competition will be commenced upon providing the first-round online case to the participants and will prevail until mid-September consisting of three series that will be conducted online. In the first round, the participants will be provided with an online case study on project management strategy, and they will be required to prepare a solution for the case. The qualified participants from the first round will pursue the second round, where they have to formulate a 360-degree marketing plan for the provided evidence. And the participants making it to the grand finale will have to develop a full-proof business model showcasing a complete project analysis on the given case. 

The winning team and the semifinalists of “ProMark 2020” are going to have total prize money of BDT 20,000 along with additional lucrative rewards from the food partner – The SweetSin Coffees, and the E-learning partner – Bohubrihi. The winning teams will get the opportunity to avail of free premium courses, and all the semifinalists will get a 40% discount on premium courses from Bohubrihi. Furthermore, each winning team will get BDT 1000 worth gift voucher for one time dines in opportunity from The SweetSin Coffees.

Karen Tate, a famous project management author, reflects on the indispensable fact of the subject matter by stating – “Trying to manage a project without project management is like trying to play a football game without a game plan.” And the window of opportunity to nurture knowledge and understanding of such a far-reaching contemporary business context is the change that Knack Nation believes in to pass on to the next generations’ potential project managers through “ProMark 2020”.

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