Ki Khabo – Rosogolla


Rosogolla – the name that buzzes in our mind when it comes to the thought of sweets. And any kind of good news is often preferred with a bite of sweets in which Rosogolla holds the first place.

It is probably the easiest making sweet item with the toughest invention history. The contents required, guess what they are? Just three – Sugar, water and unripened curd cheese or “ছানা” in Bengali. The cheese is carved into balls after careful pressing to make an even texture. The balls are then dumped into the boiling sugar syrup and boiled for half an hour and served.

The best part of Rosogolla is that it is very attractive to the calorific people who are figure conscious as it is the least sweet among all other sweets with the easiest preparations even at home after Sondesh (another sweet item).

Though the invention of Rosogolla holds many contradictions and it is believed to be evolved in this subcontinent by Nobin Chandra Das in 1868 with a lot of difficulties as the concept of cooking cheese in bare water was hard to think concept at that time. And can anyone imagine his age? Yes, he was a young enthusiast, who, with his dedication made this discovery at the age of 23.

However is the belief, all are united to one belief that a piece of Rosogolla as the dessert of lunch has been a signature of traditional Bengalis.

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