Ki Khabo – Paratha

If you are someone who is not aware about Parathas, hold on.

If you are someone who is aware about Parathas, still hold on. How can you ignore a writing piece about such a heartwarming food item?

Paratha is an unleavened bread prepared by baking flour dough on a frying saucepan. It is layered by overlaying with oil and folding over and over using a laminated dough technique. It is not only popular, but it’s kind of a necessary item in Bangladeshi menus without which majority get disappointed for not including it. You can have it with bhaji (mixed vegetables), or lentils, or even both (that’s how I prefer it). Also, having it with fried eggs is a good option. Nehari, which is slow cooked beef shank with a lot of gravy, is an item that makes your Paratha eating experience great.

Trust me, having Paratha with just plain milk tea is also lovely.


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