Ki Khabo-Kacchi (The other name for love)

No matter how old I grow, the primary reason I attend weddings will always be Kacchi. Kacchi Biriyani is not only a dish which is part of the main menu of any wedding, cooking Kacchi at home is like a mini festival. Meat, rice and potatoes blended with warm and delectable mixes of aromatic spices is simple description of Kacchi biriyani.

To make your Kacchi Biriyani eating experience great, add Salad, Shami Kabab, Chutney, and Borhani.

Here’s a small request. If you are planning to host any events, let it be a wedding, corporate event, or whatever event it is, please include Kacchi in that list. A bit of kacchi = extra prayers, extra love.


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