Ki Khabo – Fuchka

Fuchka is more than just one of the most popular street foods. The crispy item with the sour and spicy taste is simply delicious. Fuchka simply can be described as hollow spheres full of tangy sour water that will do justice to your taste buds. Yes, it’s really something which you will miss if you’re studying abroad.

There’s also Chotpoti, which is hot and sour. A mix of diced potatoes, boiled chickpeas, chilies and sliced onions along with grated eggs on top of it.

Best thing about these dishes is that both the dishes are widely available, and available at a cheap price.

If you are a Bangladeshi, by now you are probably craving Fuchka and chotpoti! If you’re not, don’t forget to have these dishes if you ever visit Bangladesh.

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