Keeping up with the streak – Sadman Sadik

In this chapter, we have Sadman Sadik, one of the most renowned vloggers of Bangladesh and as well as a finalist of the first season of reality show Nextubers. 


You completed the milestone of making 365 vlogs on 365 consecutive days. Tell us about that experience.

To be very honest, I had no plans of maintaining that streak. I initially started off to develop my competence in editing, shooting and all, but as I began to enjoy sustaining the regular routine, I took it as a challenge. There was a point where I thought that maybe I should stop it after making just a hundred videos. But the optimistic responses made me understand that I was developing myself with great gratification. That kept me going, and finally I was able to upload 365 vlogs on 365 consecutive days, Alhamdulillah.


What/Who inspired you to start vlogging?

I came across vloggers who were excellent in coming up with amazing content, from shooting to evolving very interesting concepts. The fact that only one person is enough to pull off great vlogs is what inspired me to choose this path. It inspired me how I was making vlogs on my own, and becoming better as I learnt new things.


You cover a variety of topics when it comes to making vlogs, such as book reviews, opinion pieces, etc. Are you planning to cover more topics near future?

Absolutely. If you notice, I have been shifting from topic to topic, talking about different concepts, ideas, etc. I do have a lot of plans regarding expansion of my vlogging areas.


What obstacles came in your way in your journey so far?

Tackling some negative comments on social media was a challenge. It did affect me at one point, but more importantly, it helped me to improve myself. I took this pessimism as constructive criticism, and I did overcome that moment.


What plans do you have near future regarding your vlogs?

I am looking forward to collaborating with content creators. Joint efforts will not only inflate my topics but this will virtuous for this field as a whole.


Do you have something to say to the youth vloggers who are already making, or planning to make vlogs?

Just one thing. Make sure you know what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it. It can be for developing yourself, it can be for a company, or it can only be because you like making vlogs. Setting up goals will absolutely help in reaching targets.


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