Kedar Lele becomes the new Chairman of Unilever Bangladesh

Raihana Rahman Shorna

On Tuesday, Unilever Bangladesh declared Kedar Lele (CEO & MD of UBL) as their new Chairman, unanimously elected by its board members at the 180th meeting of the company’s board of directors.

According to the press release, Mr. Lele succeeds Mr. Kamran Bakar as he served UBL as Chairman since 2012.

Mr. Kedar Lele started his journey from HUL (Hindustan Unilever LTD.) in 2004 as the Head of Sales & Marketing for Kimberly Clark Lever Limited and then joined Unilever Bangladesh as COO (Chief Operating Officer) on 2017. According to his career, he has 19 years of work experience in internet business and sales, marketing of fast-moving consumer goods, and advertising, which helped Unilever to reach its success.

Before arriving in UBL as the COO, Mr. Lele led the Eastern Region and Modern trade business by creating substantial growth momentum and also was instrumental in leading HUL’s foray into e-commerce (2014-17).  He’s also the Vice President of the FICCI.

Under Mr. Lele’s supervision, the business not only just grown and became competitive, but it also achieved global norms in different aspects of the business.

Henceforth, Mr. Kedar Lele decides to continue as both the Chairman and MD of the company.


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