Kabuliwalaa – The Online Retailer

Kabuliwalaa, an online retailer, began its journey on earth to deliver a royal vibe among customers who want to purchase quality products at affordable cost and to get hassle-free delivery right at their doorstep.

Kabuliwalaa has one store and three warehouses in Dhaka and one hub point which is located in Sylhet. In partnership with more than a hundred suppliers from Bangladesh and UK, Kabuliwalaa is an authorized online seller of Turkey-based pasta brand Santa Sophia La Pasta and luxurious watch brand Carnival made by Switzerland.

Kabuliwalaa was founded by Md. Jabed Hossain, and some of his close friends together. Md. Jabed Hossain is a young entrepreneur and who is also the founding vice president of Youth School for Social Entrepreneurs (YSSE). YSSE is a youth-led nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering youth and women through promoting social entrepreneurship. Apart from that, he has received a fellowship from the International Labor Organization (ILO).  

The journey has been so far notable; within a few years, it has been able to make a remarkable image as an online store of luxurious shopping experience. The online retail company eventually deals with challenges to make a shopping environment where people can sign-in and sign-out with a lovely smile on the face.

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