Tajbita Fatima

The one thing you will see a girl so over the top excited about. But why is that you might ask? Isn’t that just a trivial feature of clothing? Well, let’s just say, try saying this in front of a girl at your own risk.

Pockets are the single most significant feature of any clothing made by humankind. I think any girl on this planet can relate to me when I say, “When I find a pair of pants with those perfect front pockets, I am taking that with me to my grave.” It helps to keep your stuff. While purses do that too but why should I be deprived of a built-in feature and spend more money just to manhandle that thing everywhere and not be able to find my stuff on time. Like the pair of keys, I needed the other day, but who knows which alternative dimension it took off. Society has conditioned females to look more “feminine” with purses, and meanwhile, the brands make millions out of it. The only thing worse than having no pockets is the ones that are so small that I can barely fit my hand into it. Seriously, why bother at all? Pockets are more than just a feature. They keep us sane and never disappoint, unlike most boyfriends. You can always get a quick dose of a sugar rush from that candy that magically appeared in your pocket when you wanted. They keep your hands warm in winter. They can also be your friends in a socially awkward situation or while taking a photo.

Keys? Mobile? Screwdriver? That 2-week old apple? You name it, men’s pocket can carry all of that and more. So, why shouldn’t we be mad about it? All we want are some spacious front pockets to hoard all the crippling anxiety, repressed feelings, and peer pressure. Out of all the things patriarchy and gender stereotypes can step in, this one has to be the most ridiculous. Honestly, the whole process of finding that pair of pants with good pockets is so frustrating. If you want the real pockets, you have to go look in the men’s section (which doesn’t bother most of us) but the fitting won’t be right. Its 2020, brands need to UP their game and finally, listen to us. Put pockets EVERYWHERE for all that I care. Give us REAL pockets and see us conquer the world. Pocket inequality is real, and it should end here.

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