iPhone SE 2020 – What about it?

Marzuque Mashrur Fariz

The iPhone, though not as popular in Asia as in Europe or North America, is still not uncommon enough to ignore. Apple doesn’t have a hold of the electronics market in South Asia, due to the steep price tags and this phone is no different, setting back consumers a whopping…399$ and thus contending with the mid-tier smartphone marketplace? This makes things very, interesting. 

This new iPhone has a 4.7in (1334×750 at 326 pixels per inch) display. It has a 12Mp (f/1.8) rear-facing camera and a 7Mp (f/2.2) front-facing camera. It has the A13 Bionic (yes the same one as the 1100$ iPhone 11 and 11 pro) and it comes with up to 256 Gigs of storage (though the base 399$ model starts with 64 Gigs). 

The iPhones always have lower specs on paper than their competitors yet they never lag too far behind due to their hardware and OS running in complete unison. The biggest draw for this iPhone is the A13 Bionic chip which is incredibly powerful and some even consider it to be the fastest smartphone processor in the market. Though with the massively lower price tag, one must assume that performance won’t be the same as the iPhone 11s due to a probable lack of RAM (- Something Apple does not announce). Yet even with that, the motion should be fluid and apps or games should run amazingly smooth on the SE, as people have begun to expect from an iPhone. The phone comes with a single camera as opposed to the dual, triple or even hexa camera setup seen in some of the smartphones of last year which may cause hesitation among some buyers but as seen in the Google Pixel series of smartphones, it’s not about the number of lenses, it’s about what you do with them. The A13’s neural engine is supposedly able to bring out amazing quality in the pictures taken by the camera. The cameras also offer a Portrait mode as well as the rear-facing camera supporting 4K video.  The screen isn’t but biggest in the world but that depends on preference as people have complained that smartphones are becoming too big to conveniently carry or use. 

But why does all of this matter?

At the end of the day, it is just another smartphone entering the already overcrowded mid-tier of smartphones. Except, the iPhone is this cheap that may signal that Apple wants a piece of the pie in Asia. It Is public knowledge that the Asian market is seemingly untapped by iPhones due to them marketing themselves as premium but some of the recent decisions by Apple lead people to believe that they have started to notice the Asian and specifically the South Asian market. iPhones are expensive, but the latest iPhones can last people multiple years and people are less likely to replace an iPhone due to repairs being available and so, in the long run, it may indeed be worth it to get an iPhone. This move by Apple will not only get many more people to try iPhones but, it will also stimulate the somewhat stagnant smartphone manufacturers to take notice and offer better products to consumers which are seen as a win-win.  

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