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I was privileged enough to get introduced to Mr. Nuhal Rahman Chowdhury, the Co-Founder and the CMO of Sikkhanobish, a promising EdTech start-up. Let’s hear from him about his entrepreneurial experience and journey so far.

How are you? Could you kindly tell us something about your background and give us a brief introduction of yourself? 

I am very much fine, Alhamdulillah. Hopefully, you are fine as well.

I like to identify myself as a visionary, confident & persistent guy who is eagerly looking forward to making changes in society. Born in a middle-class family of Chattogram, I have always been seeing the real problems around me & I learned to analyze the problems during my study period at North South University as a marketing student. Other than these, I got a chance to practice my leadership during university life as a president of a club & pursued CSCA as well, which is a professional degree for supply chain analysts. Now, just trying to solve the real-life problems with the knowledge I have attained so far.

Tell us about Shikkhanobish. How is Shikkhanobish different from other online educational platforms and how is it operating currently?

Basically, Shikkhanobish is an online education platform enabling the students to learn through 1-to-1 video communication & also the teachers to teach & earn anytime from anywhere. So, as we say it, Shikkhanobish is enabling live education at the lowest possible price & with our very own ‘teacher ranking system’ model, we are going to ensure quality education. 

Currently, we are just focusing on the promotions & enhancing the customer learning process to make sure that the market is ready by the time we officially launch.

What inspired you and where did you get the idea to do something like this?

Well, I & Mahir Muzahid, the founder of Shikkkhanobish have been best friends for a long time now. So, we used to share a lot of ideas & discuss those with each other. We used to face difficulties in studies whenever we had to search for anything online. Now, thinking about solutions, we came up with ideas of live online education & out of our surprise, we noticed that we are solving a lot of problems not only from the students’ end but also from the teachers’ & parents’ end. So, that was the moment we decided to come up with the idea of Shikkhanobish.

What were the obstacles you faced, and are facing while establishing and operating Shikkhanobish

The first problem came up when we had to find programmers & web designers to build the platform. I would like to give the whole credit of solving the problem to Mahir Muzahid. He executed our idea single-handedly by building the platform. I have been there to ensure brand identity, establishing communications & proper management & so on. The biggest obstacle so far would be COVID-19, I reckon. We had a plan to launch Shikkhanobish by May 2020. Having said that, we always try to find positivity in odd situations. We have learned through this pandemic that the market is yet to learn more to accept live education, we have been focusing on the online promotion & customer learning. 

Recently, due to this pandemic, we saw that the demand for online education systems is rising in our country and most of the private universities and other institutions are trying to use this platform. But most of the students are complaining regarding their learning satisfaction. What do you think the  main problem is and what can be done to change this situation into more favorable for both students and teachers in the online education platform? 

Well, as mentioned earlier, though the demand for online education is rising in our country & people are still in the process of learning, we have discovered in this pandemic through research of ours that students are mostly reluctant or less interested due to the absence of monitoring & feedback features in the platforms. So, I think proper monitoring & feedback features can make these platforms more interesting & can engage both the students & teachers more.

What are the upcoming plans for Sikkhanobish and where do you see your platform after 5 years from now? 

Currently, the initial plan is to launch Shikkhanobish officially in Dhaka by the end of August & create the buzz as much as possible. 

5 years from now, we along with our charismatic team see Shikkhanobish be the country’s one of the leading online learning platforms where students, teachers & parents can genuinely rely on.

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